Haiku, Wake Up, Be Healthy

February 13, 2016
10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

“Mix apple cider – vinegar and honey with – your morning coffee”

Haiku Quartet, Cruzitude

February 13, 2016


“Ted Cruz dumps porn star – forgets that Jesus forgave – Mary Magdalene”; “Political ads – that attack people are an – ersatz form of porn”; “Two-faced Ted Cruz has – no Christian compassion for – a former porn star”; “No room at the inn – for Mary and Joseph or – for former porn star”

Haiku, Dean Smith’s Secret

February 13, 2016


“The Carolina – Way: cheat black athletes out of – their educations”

Haiku, Wimps Of New York

February 13, 2016


“For ice sculptures you – want cold weather; you bundle – up, you don’t cancel”

Haiku, Thomas Pynchon’s Message

February 13, 2016


“Being human means – resisting and opposing – power and evil”

Haiku, Disappearing Steel Mill Blues

February 12, 2016

“Lehigh Valley steel – built the George Washington and – Golden Gate Bridges”

Haiku, Phenotypes

February 12, 2016


“Depression and skin – cancer linked to DNA – from Neanderthals”

Haiku, Disappearing Railroad Blues

February 12, 2016


“Once every boy’s dream – toy, model trains are now the – country for old men”

Haiku, Tiara Of Thorns

February 11, 2016


“The cross of parent – care is borne mostly by the – shoulders of daughters”

Haiku, Grandma Don’t Dance Either

February 10, 2016


“Clueless and confused – Hillary doesn’t know what – going viral means”


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