Discover Mazzy Star

June 6, 2020

A little Mazzy Star to help take your mind off Covid wintertime. RIP David Roback. Music for introverts. Hope Sandoval can send shivers up and down your spine.

December Football

December 3, 2022

Props to Wartburg Football. Two more steps to get to the top of the mountain. D3 rules!

Putin is Evil

December 3, 2022

A special place in Hell is reserved for Putin. May he go there soon.

Be Union Strong

December 2, 2022

Two old Joes plus their Repukelickin Pals stab labor in the back. Every American Worker deserves paid sick leave.

Exterminate Bigotry

December 1, 2022

Saying Hitler did good things is as absurd as saying Trump was a good President.

Donald was the worst – President; Melania – the worst First Lady

Red Means Danger

November 29, 2022

If you are LGBTQ+ or pregnant or both, living in a Red State might be hazardous to your health

Trump had a couple of well-known anti-semites over for dinner, told his chief of staff that “Hitler did a lot of good things” & led a white Supremacist insurrection. He must never be President again.

207 of 210 House Republicans just voted AGAINST paid sick leave for Railroad Workers. Why didn’t you Vote Blue?


November 26, 2022

Kanye said, “I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” Then Trump had him over for dinner. There should be no place in American Politics for Antisemitism on either side of the aisle.

Mass shootings, white supremacy, antisemitism, cuts to entitlements you’ve already paid for; these are some of my least favorite Republican things.

Herschel Walker claimed he founded a Charity for Veterans called Patriot Support. In reality, it’s a for-profit scam that preys on veterans & defrauds the government. Walker was their celebrity shill. Please donate to Raphael Warnock to #KeepGeorgiaBlue

Republicans can’t fix inflation but their policies can make your life miserable in many other ways.


November 26, 2022

“Always keep the poetry out because it ruins the lyrics” Loretta Lynn

RIP Danny Kalb, thanks for helping Phil Ochs with his first album & for helping the rest of us learn how to tune in, turn on & drop out


November 25, 2022

Michigan – Ohio State; the Gluttons vs. the Poisonous Nuts

Brian Ferentz is what ails Iowa’s offense; Cade McNamara can’t fix that


Repeal the Second Amendment

November 24, 2022

In America, the odds of winning the Powerball Jackpot are 1 in 292,000,000; the odds of getting killed by a gunshot are 1 in 315.


November 24, 2022

Some of Trump’s lies just stretch the truth. Others, like most of the lies in his presidential announcement speech, put the truth through a wood chipper. The most egregious was, “When Covid hit our shores, I took decisive action & saved lives.” The truth is that Trump never took decisive action to stop Covid. For weeks, he lied to downplay its deadly threat & then lied to undermine the U.S. response. There was never a coordinated pandemic response in the US. like there was in other developed countries. It is estimated that 40% of U.S. Covid deaths could have been prevented if Trump had not deliberately botched the response. That’s 440,000 corpses, folks.

Trump is like dog shit – after you step in it, you – can’t get rid of it