Haiku Trilogy, Minneapolice, 2

November 25, 2015


“‘Mommy that man the – police shot looks like Daddy. – Why did they shoot him?'”

“Minnesota not – so nice; vigilantes shoot – cop shop protesters”

“Vigilante law: – First Amendment not welcome – in Minnesota”

Haiku, Iowa Number Two

November 24, 2015


“Hawkeyes did not play – Charleston Southern, rank them – ahead of the Tide”

Haiku, Every Baby Needs A Box

November 24, 2015


“Cardboard boxes are – for Amazon packages, – cats and new babies”

Haiku, Those Amazing Babies

November 23, 2015


“Babies are born with – one hundred billion neurons – for early learning

Haiku, It’s All Over Now, Vagus Blue

November 23, 2015


“When the vagabond – nerve comes rapping at your doors – open them or die”

Haiku, Minneapolice

November 23, 2015


“Eye witnesses are – the best evidence; they say – cops murdered Jamar”

Haiku, The Sage Old Rapist Of Omaha

November 23, 2015


“This American – life: billionaires get laid; blue – collar chumps get screwed”

Haiku Duology, We’ll Help You Ronda

November 23, 2015


“Every drama has – three acts: the hero’s rise, fall – and resurrection”

“Down went Muhammad, – Joe and George; they all came back – and so will Ronda”

Haiku Duology, You Thrilled Us PF

November 22, 2015


“You know when something – you’ve made thrills you it will thrill – other people too”

“When you’ve written a – hit you feel an exquisite – release and wonder”

Haiku, Inside The Mind Of A Frail

November 21, 2015


“Corpus calosum: – hers is a high speed freeway; – yours a donkey track”


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