December 12, 2017

“Happy Hanukkah – to all and Happy Birthday – to sweet Jan Louise”


Haiku, MBA’s Rock

December 12, 2017

“Tessa’a Cognizant – is seventeen on the Fortune – Future Fifty list”



Haiku, Iowa’s Trump Clone

December 12, 2017

“Steve King is a dumb – racist asshole who must be – removed from Congress”


Haiku, Meet Kay Thompson

December 11, 2017

“The real Eloise – based her children’s books on her – nightclub persona”


Haiku, The Right Tax Plan

December 11, 2017

“Stop subsidies, tax – pollution, resources, ‘bots, – finance and plastics”


Haiku Quartet, David Young Just Doesn’t Get It

December 10, 2017

“Fact: except for the – rich, GOP tax cuts will – become increases”

“Fact: Republican – tax cuts will compel future – entitlement cuts”

“Fact: David Young, a – career windbag who’s never – worked at a real job”

“Anyone who sees – strength in Donald Trump is a – very weak person”


Haiku Quartet, Mother Nature’s Terror

December 9, 2017

“The Santa Ana – winds turn errant sparks into – raging infernos”

“Humans need to stop – living in the wildland – urban interface”

“As the Hulk would say, – puny humans are no match – for wildfires”

“In Houston, Puerto – Rico and Los Angeles – Climate Change is now”


Haiku, Another Not So Minnesota Nice Cop

December 8, 2017

“In St. Paul’s projects – the cops don’t need you, and man, – they expect the same”

This Officer and his dog have had two vicious attacks on innocent victims and they are still out on the streets of St. Paul


Haiku, That Sweet Gibson Sound

December 8, 2017

“One of the great rock – instrumentals; sounds as good – live as recorded”

Haiku, Maintaining The Way

December 7, 2017

“Whatever this is – doing was once done by men – with strong backs and arms”