Haiku, Remember H1N1?

February 23, 2017


“Airborne pandemic – inevitable; humans – woefully prepared”

Haiku, Stopping By Woods On A Snowless Afternoon

February 22, 2017

“Eighty degrees in – February; my dog knows – climate change is real”

Haiku, Gulag Apprenticeship

February 22, 2017


“Residents are paid – half and work twice the hours – of the cleaning staff”

Haiku, DeVos Should Fix This

February 21, 2017

“Haunted by the ghosts – of their children’s student loans – seniors get garnished”

Haiku, Queen Of The Twelve String

February 21, 2017

“Lydia makes her – twelve string guitar sound like a – choir of angels”

Haiku, Thank God For Patty Murray

February 21, 2017


“A bully is in – every classroom; teachers must – make it not OK”

Haiku, Memo To Whitver, Dix, Upmeyer, Hagenow And Branstad

February 21, 2017


“Iowans don’t want – the Koch Brothers agenda – shoved up their asses”

Haiku, Missouri Lawyer Gilly

February 20, 2017


“You should never use – handcuffs to restrain out of – control school children”

Haiku, Straight Outta Control

February 20, 2017


“The things that Trump does – are obscene and the things that – Trump says are untrue”

Haiku Quartet: Sad, Bad Day In Iowa

February 19, 2017


1. “Republicans don’t – hear their constituents; they – hear the Koch brothers”

2. “Nobody but the – Koch brothers wanted to bust – Iowa’s unions”

3. “Patrick Henry would – be appalled at how easy – it is to buy votes”

4. “Representative – democracy gets destroyed – by groups like ALEC”