Haiku, America Is Gun Crazy

August 28, 2015


“Second Amendment – myopia kills way more – people than all wars”

Haiku, Racist Textbooks

August 27, 2015


“Racist textbooks for – Minneapolis teachers – from Utah Mormons”

Haiku, Lisbeth Gets Born Again

August 27, 2015


“Lisbeth Salander – the genius with the dragon – tattoo gets reborn”

Haikus, Writer’s Workshop

August 27, 2015


“Pabst Blue Ribbon fueled – Writer’s Workshop students at – Donnelly’s Tavern”

“Writer’s Workshops tend – to attract solipsistic – self important schmucks”

“Deformities of – your soul are reflected in – the stories you write”

Haikus, Echigo Tsumari Trilogy

August 25, 2015


“Imagination – transforms abandoned houses – and schools into art”

“Imagination – and creativity sew – torn social fabric”

“Real art happens when – exalted artists step out – of their comfort zones”

Haiku, World’s Most Colorul Places

August 25, 2015


“Lot’s of the world’s most – colorful places are in – the ghettos and slums”

Haiku, There’s A Fire Underneath All That Smoke

August 25, 2015


“I have never had – sexual relations with – that email server”

Haiku, RIP Shoreham Airshow Victims

August 24, 2015


“Recipe for death – fly low level stunts over – built up areas”

Haiku, Banksy’s Dismaland, 5

August 23, 2015


“Whale leaps from a loo, – Cinderella crashes, five – thousand percent loans”

Haiku, Jacques Brings It

August 23, 2015

“Jacques Brel sings ‘Ne Me – Quitte Pas’ just for all my – Francophilic friends”


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