Haiku, Libor Manipulation

May 24, 2015


“Until bankers go – to jail and become Bubba’s – bitches, they won’t stop”

Haiku, Boomertown, USA

May 23, 2015


“They’re less hipster and – more hip replacementer but – they’re also wealthy”

The Ultimate Super Group

May 21, 2015

John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell “I feel so suicidal just like Dylan’s Mr. Jones”

Haiku, Columbia President Lee Bollinger Disrespects Student Emma Sulkowicz

May 21, 2015


“As a prick, Lee is – category five and nine – on the Richter scale”

Haiku For Jimmy

May 20, 2015

“Happy birthday, James – Stewart of Pennsylvania, – you were everyman”

Haiku, Kansas City’s Superman

May 17, 2015


“People are fearful – and hateful; I give them hope – and inspiration”

Haiku, City Without Soul

May 17, 2015


“New York no longer – even tries to take care of – anything sacred”

Haiku, Fiber Sculpture

May 16, 2015


“When fibers are freed – from their day jobs as shirts and – skirts, they become art”

Haiku, RIP Emily Remler

May 16, 2015

“Nice Jewish girl hides – a heavyset black man with – a big thumb inside”

Haiku, Bushwick Blues

May 15, 2015


“Gentrification – pushes poor people into – the homeless worm hole”


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