Discover Mazzy Star

June 6, 2020

A little Mazzy Star to help take your mind off Covid wintertime. RIP David Roback. Music for introverts. Hope Sandoval can send shivers up and down your spine.

Wake Up, Democrats 11

January 24, 2022

The Founders forgot to write into the Constitution what to do when a President incites an insurrection

The real reason why Trump isn’t in jail – the U.S. Criminal Justice System protects wealthy white people – and incarcerates poor people of color

Wake Up, Democrats 10

January 22, 2022

Mommy, why isn’t Trump getting punished for trying to overthrow the government? Well dear, Republicans just lack integrity.

The only issues that Republicans are pro-active about are cutting taxes for the rich, policing women’s uteruses and suppressing voters’ rights.

Wake Up, Democrats 9

January 19, 2022

First let’s get everyone into decent living conditions, then let’s equalize wealth and stop climate change.

Michigan shooter’s nut-job mom and Trump share a belief: ‘you have to learn not to get caught’.

Stop Climate Change 2

January 18, 2022

We are currently in the midst of earth’s 6th mass extinction and all we can do is watch football on TV.

To paraphrase Johnny Horton, “We gotta sink the Climate Change cause our grandchildren’s world depends on us”.

Lock Trump Up 4

January 16, 2022

Republicans have swallowed Trump’s sordid lies and Trump’s sordid vortex of corruption has swallowed Republicans

Trump’s three-legged Worst President stool: 1. Put his own political needs above national security, 2. Completely failed to anticipate or respond to a pandemic, 3. Planned and incited an insurrection to overthrow the government.

A fourth leg on Trump’s Worst President stool: Denied and failed to take action on Climate Change.

Wake Up, Democrats 8

January 14, 2022

“Cawbrobertmertiggsareene”: synonym for seditionist

Racist demagogue America’s white majority will become a minority in approximately twenty years.

Wake Up, Democrats 7

January 12, 2022

Trump & his House Republican conspirators incited an insurrection that killed Police officers. It’s time for the courts to stop stonewalling & start discovering.

Trump told the mob to “show strength, fight, walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and go to the Capitol”. That’s not free speech. It’s sedition.

Wake Up, Democrats 6

January 4, 2022

Trump lost because a majority of Americans were fed up with four years of lies, chaos, racism, cruelty and incompetence.

Republican state legislatures are attempting to make injustice the law of the land and Republican insurrectionists are blithely walking the halls of congress.

Stop Climate Change

January 2, 2022

Climate change just scorched a trophy Denver suburb! Leaders need to act!

The truth filter of history will judge Trump to have been America’s worst President.

Wake Up, Democrats 5

December 29, 2021

Congress gave Big Tech billionaires a huge tax loophole. It must be clawed back.

In the Valley of Silicon everyone related to Big Tech money profits from the Qualified Small Business Stock exemption.