Haiku Duet, That Bresch Bitch

August 27, 2016


“There’s a spot in hell – for Heather Bresch, the bitch who – rips off sick people”

“Heather Bresch thinks of – her customers as gasping – meatsacks filled with cash”

Haiku, Please Don’t Tell What Train I’m On

August 27, 2016

“Freight Train is a great – song and Mike Seeger performs – it extremely well”

Haiku, Undignified Dying

August 26, 2016


“Walking with sobbing – daughter man carries wife’s dead – body for miles”

Haiku, At Least The Jury Didn’t Buy It

August 26, 2016

“Defense says scalding – gay couple isn’t hate it’s – just old school culture”

Haiku, Applealert

August 26, 2016

“Update your iPhone – immediately or risk – being hacked and tracked”

Haiku: Always High Crime, Always

August 26, 2016


“The constant calls from – Walmart are driving police – departments crazy”

Haiku, Props To Manish Singh Rawat

August 24, 2016


“Sports isn’t about – winning; it’s about doing – your personal best”

Haiku, Deconstructing Sophie Portnoy

August 24, 2016

“Warmly but firmly – guide your children so they learn – how to hit their marks”

Haiku, The Big Shill

August 23, 2016


“Trump and Clinton are – both dishonest crooks; why did – we nominate them?”

Haiku, Meet Steve Gillette

August 23, 2016


“Darcy Farrow, a – faux Child Ballad written – by an old hippie”


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