Haiku, Debating Bob Dylan Disc By Disc

August 2, 2015


“Bob Dylan is the – most debated artist of – his generation”

Haiku, Olympics Are Fixed

August 2, 2015


“Why does Beijing, a – city without snow get the – Winter Olympics?”

Haiku, Oliver Sacks

August 1, 2015


“Oliver Sacks makes – us confront death even as – we travel and play”

Haiku, Killing For Pleasure

July 31, 2015


“Why did my dentist – kill Cecil? He’s a rich, white – psychopath, honey.”

Haiku, Sea Shepherd Brings Poachers To Justice

July 31, 2015


“Sea Shepherd knows how – to catch bloodthirsty poachers – sic them on Palmer”

Haiku, What If Palmer Was Black?

July 31, 2015


“If Walter Palmer – was black he would already – be in custody”

Media portrays black women who die in jail as guilty until proven innocent; RIP Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman, Raynetta Turner, Ralkina Jones, Joyce Curnell

Haiku, Olive Shortage

July 31, 2015


“Between drought in Spain – and disease in Italy – olive crop is cooked”

Haiku, Make Way For Ducklings

July 30, 2015


“Most Minnesotans – are not blood thirsty lion – poachers and killers”

Haiku, Africa’s Coolest Countries

July 30, 2015


“Props to Botswana – and Kenya for banning big – game trophy hunting”

Haiku, Doctor Scumbag Asshole Dick

July 29, 2015


“Lion killer should – face US charge for bribing – guides to commit crimes”


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