Haiku, Rochester Hells

April 18, 2018

“Black kid gets lost, asks – for directions, old white guy – tries to murder him”


Haiku, Collapse-A-Roni

April 17, 2018

“We should be humbled – by earthquakes but we try to – outsmart them instead”

Haiku Trilogy, Suckin’ The Public Nipple

April 17, 2018

“Nobody deserves – a pension of seventy – six thousand a month”

“A government can’t – do more with less; all it can – do is less with less”

“Public pensions make – us pay more taxes and get – less public service”

One of the Best from MTV’s Golden Age

April 16, 2018

Haiku, Where Should Doctor King Be Honored?

April 16, 2018

“Kansas City lacks – a Martin Luther King Street; – why not State Line Road?”

Haiku Duet, Academy Of Dunces

April 15, 2018

“Man commits sex crimes – woman who was changing the – culture, takes the fall”

“Human beings are – unreliable creatures – who need rules and laws”

A Saturday Nightcap from Asleep At The Wheel

April 15, 2018

Haiku Duet, We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here

April 14, 2018

“Philly cops show no – brotherly love for black men – sitting in Starbucks”

“If you got color – on your skin in Trumpistan – you will get harassed”


Haiku Trilogy, Good Riddance To Smirkface

April 14, 2018

“He married money, – he lied, he never had a – real job in his life”

“All he wanted to – do is cut benefits for – Grandma and Grandpa”

“Republicans love – rich, racist, sexist white men – like Trump and Ryan”


Haiku Duet, Hiding In Plain Sight

April 13, 2018

“Interstitium – where acupuncture needles – touch meridians”

“Massage removes the – kinks and blockages from the – interstitium”