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Haiku Quintet, Fear And Hate In The Heartland

January 31, 2018

“Racism rears its – ugly head at Iowa – high school basketball”

“Spencer students chant – racist hatred at Storm Lake – basketball players”

“White privilege and – racist leaders enable – teens to fear and hate”

“Art Cullen, the Sage – of Storm Lake, speaks out against – racists and hatred”

“America needs – to dump Trump and Iowa – needs to dump Steve King”

Haiku Duet, Cape Town Breakdown

January 30, 2018

“The canary in – the climate change coal mine: Cape – Town’s water crisis”

“Capetowners will cook, – shower and wash dishes and – clothes without water”

Haiku, It’s An Old Family Recipe

January 30, 2018

“City contractors – make sure Allentown’s Mayor – receives his meatballs”

Haiku, Vulcan Wisdom

January 29, 2018

“The earlier you – retire the longer you – will live and prosper”

“RIP Ingvar – Kamprad, Swedish fascist who – founded IKEA”

January 28, 2018

Haiku, Ice

January 28, 2018

“When thawing ice cracks – it resonates like a peal – of summer thunder”

Haiku, Semisonic

January 28, 2018

“A great and under – appreciated band from – Minneapolis”

Haiku, France Goes (Hazel) Nuts

January 27, 2018

“Discount Nutella – causes the French to behave – like famished pandas”

Haiku Duet, Screw The Kids

January 27, 2018

“Corporations in – St. Paul support the Super – Bowl but not the schools”

“The Super Bowl is – not essential; our schools are – very essential”

Haiku Duet, Heartland Blues

January 26, 2018

“Consolidation – means less opportunity – and stagnant wages”

“Manufacturers – reward dealers that treat their – employees like shit”