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Senryu/Haiku Quintet, Don’t Let Iowa Decide

August 31, 2019

“My experience – with Iowa’s caucuses – corrupt and inept”

“The least diverse states – in the nation should not pick – the President first”

“Caucuses only – work with small groups not thousands – packed into school gyms”

“It’s past time to kill – the Electoral College – and the Caucuses”

“the Electoral – College gave us Bush and Trump – two fake Presidents”

Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, Annals From Trumpistan, 2

August 29, 2019

“Trump tells aides to break – the law to build his wall, – promises pardons”

“behind Trump’s chaos – and craziness there’s always – greed and corruption”

“a polemicist – like Trump is not qualified – to be a leader”

Senryu/Haiku, Always Be Mindful

August 28, 2019

“you can’t change the past
or live in the future so
be mindful of now”

Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, Behind The Scenes

August 26, 2019

“when artists dream up
big things they turn to Polich
Tallix to make them”

“the people behind
the scenes who make those famous
public works of art”

“the patinist
is on a lifelong quest
for the perfect wax”

Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, Trump Must Be Stopped

August 25, 2019

Trump’s tweets signal
crony plutocrats who profit
from trade war chaos

please Congress, grow some
gonads and ovaries; stop
Trump’s reign of terror

plutocrats don’t care
whether markets rise or fall
they profit from both

Ding-Dong! The Koch Is Dead

August 24, 2019

Ding-Dong! The Koch Is Dead
(to the tune of Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg)

Once there was a wicked Koch in lovely Wichita
And a wickeder, wickeder, wickeder Koch you never, ever saw
He filled the folks in Trumpkin land with terror and with dread
‘Till one fine day from the Blue Highway a cyclone caught the U.S. House
That brought the wicked Koch his doom
And laid him in his tomb
For the U.S. House fell on his head and the coroner pronounced him dead
And through the town the joyous news was spread

Ding-dong, the Koch is dead! Which old Koch? The rich old Koch!
Ding-dong the rich old Koch is dead
Wake up you Democrats, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked Koch is dead!
He’s gone where Republicans go, down below to the old hell hole, yo ho
Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out
Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the wicked Koch is dead

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Annals From Trumpistan

August 23, 2019

Trump overdraws the
checking account then maxes
out the credit cards

Carbon pollutes air
nitrate pollutes water
Trump pollutes everything

Senryu/Haiku, Human Angels

August 22, 2019

“Dolly, Emmylou – and Linda: the Trillion – Dollar Trio”

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Tax Cuts And Trade Wars

August 19, 2019

Trump’s recession train’s
a-comin’; are you ready
to lose half your net worth?

the President is
raving like a lunatic and
everyone just shrugs

Senryu/Haiku Quintet, Unfit At Any Speed

August 16, 2019

“Trump’s mother of all – trade wars just gave birth to an – inverted yield curve”

“Trump must think climate – change will make Greenland the next – French Riviera”

“ignorant tax cuts – and trade wars have us on the – brink of recession”

“Trump is even more – unfit now than he was when – he stole the office”

“Women should be at – the helm in America’s – War on Climate Change”