Haiku, Forest Bathing

July 13, 2018

“Bathing in a sea – of trees brings peace to the souls – of dogs and humans”


Haiku Duet, The Party Of Hate

July 13, 2018

“White Supremacists – and Anti-Semites define – this year’s G.O.P.”

“New Republican – platform: diversity is – crap; blacks are a threat”


Haiku, Ultimate Jock Anthem

July 11, 2018

“Simple, catchy and – aggressive; Seven Nation – Army; top jock jam”


Haiku Quintet, Battlefield Iowa

July 9, 2018

“Memo to Grassley, – Ernst and Young: Congress needs to – stop Trump’s dumb Trade War”

“Trump’s tariffs are like – a sledgehammer; China’s are – like a surgeon’s knife”

“Both Trump’s and China’s – tariffs will wreak havoc on – U.S. supply chains”

“Trump takes bad advice – from ass-kissing sycophants – he thinks are brilliant”

“Iowa will get – bombed like Pearl Harbor in Trump’s – badly planned Trade War”


Haiku Septet, Dog Tails

July 8, 2018

1. “At rest after a – drink, the dog and her boy think – about the walk home”

2. “Chiaroscuro – trail: small patches of shade and – large patches of sun”

3. “As we walk through their – prairie, red winged blackbirds scold – us from overhead”

4. “Whatever dogs want – to eat or roll around in – you don’t want them to”

5. “On hot days, dogs pant – like diesel engines; people – perspire like pigs”

6. “When we walk the trail – after a downpour, drowned worms – are nature’s kibble”

7. “Dog walking stream of – consciousness: Where did I drop – those full bags of poop?”

Haiku Quartet, Trump And His Gang Can’t Shoot Straight

July 8, 2018

“Trump’s tariffs will harm – U.S. supply chains; China’s – will harm final goods”

“Trump and Bush blundered – into bad, self-destructive, – unwinnable Wars”

“Trump always shoots from – his hip and usually – himself in the foot”

“He’s your Presidink, – folks; he said ‘trade wars are good – and easy to win”


Haiku, Trump Syndrome

July 7, 2018

“Trump’s pathology – is mass stupidity and – racist ignorance”

Haiku Quartet, Resist The Liar

July 3, 2018

“An Emmy, Grammy, – Oscar, Tony for lawyers – at ACLU”

“If Trump makes you mad – join the ACLU; fight – human rights abuse”

“The ACLU’s – David fights Trump’s Goliath – for our civil rights”

“From the NRA – playbook, ACLU learns – threats are serious”

Haiku, Walking Is The Best Exercise

July 2, 2018

“On a busy day – mowing the dog and walking – the lawn can add up”

Haiku, Meghan And Gareth’s New England

July 1, 2018

“In all sports you should – win with humility and – lose with dignity”