Haiku, Long Songs Rock

November 18, 2017

“The long song guru – brings Desolation Row with – fantastic lead licks”


Haiku Trilogy, The Smirking Rethug

November 17, 2017

“Tax cut deficits – get charged to the credit cards – of your grandchildren”

“Tax reform: you pay – more; corporations and the – rich pay much, much less”

“Congress doesn’t heed – the call; stands in the doorway – and blocks up the hall”


Haiku Trilogy, Let’s Kill All The PhD’s

November 15, 2017

“Grad students are poor – taxing free tuition will – just make them poorer”

“GOP tax plan – will kill off PhD’s and – dumb down the workforce”

“Graduate School is – hard; Republicans will make – it impossible”


Haiku Trilogy, Trump Makes China Great Again

November 15, 2017

“China catered to – Trump’s voracious ego and – beat him like a drum”

“Trump’s abdication – of leadership puts China – in the driver’s seat”

“Xi Jinping deftly – replaces Donald Trump as – leader of free world”


My Fourth Rick Steves

November 14, 2017
“For me, getting a – Rick Steves haiku award is – like a Nobel Prize”
“Pelicans catch the –
Fish little terns just sit there –
And catch the tidbits”
— Neil Ruddy, Carlisle, Iowa

Haiku Quartet, RIP Competent Federal Judges

November 13, 2017

“Trump’s nominee for – lifetime Federal Judge has – never tried a case”

“Grassley helps Trump lay – a minefield of unprepared – Federal Judges”

“Idiocy has – prevailed in the Congress of – the United States”

“Hopefully the full – Senate will be smarter than – Grassley’s committee”


Haiku Duet, Trump Nixes Dogs For Vets

November 13, 2017

“Trump’s VA cancels – service dogs for veterans – on Veterans Day”

“Trump won’t let Vets have – service dogs; what more do we – need to impeach him?”


Haiku Sextet, Demand Answers (RIP Sergeant Johnson)

November 11, 2017

“Draft Dodger-in-Chief – gets real troops killed on reckless, – badly planned missions”

“Does Congress even – know why Americans are – dying in Niger?”

“La David Johnson – was left behind alive and – got executed”

“Congress is our new – Doodyville and Trump is our – new Mister Bluster”

“Abandoned while still – alive; ‘the guy’ whose widow – Trump disrespected”

“It’s never okay – to abandon your brother – after a battle”


Haiku, Pour Some Music On It

November 11, 2017

“When Eric Clapton – is your rhythm guitarist – you must be damn good”

Haiku Quartet: A Mean, Spiteful Tax Proposal

November 10, 2017

“GOP will screw – you for having kids, getting – degrees, buying homes”

“Republican tax – cuts take a flame thrower to – our children’s future”

“Paradise Papers – reveal that the one percent – doesn’t need tax cuts”

“GOP wants to – cut taxes and your children’s – wrists at the same time”