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July 30, 2013

“Music, wine and sleep – help you grind through the week to – Saturday morning”-


July 28, 2013

“Behind every great – male writer is the talk of – a wife or girlfriend”

“Its all over now – Bob Dylan goes electric – Newport sixty-five”

“If you chew and play – Sousaphone brown juice will come – out of your spit valves”

“Painters paint pictures – on canvas; musicians paint – pictures on silence”

“We get weaned from our – mothers and start nursing on – gas pumps and beer cans”

“Listen to the track – when you hear the rail poppin’ – train time won’t be long”

“Fission: one heavy – splits into two lights; fusion: – two lights get heavy”

“Writers delight to – hear ‘When I read what you write – I hear you talking'”


July 23, 2013

“Nursing home cronies – just like you only older, – frailer, goofier”

“Intellect can be – cruel, beauty can be shallow, – combined they can rock”

“When you have a rare – disease, all you can do is – keep on keepin’ on”

“Advice for daughters: – learn how to say ‘Fuck off’ and – don’t take shit from men”


July 21, 2013

“The Open: Lefty – shoves his lifetime exemption – right up Tiger’s ass”

“Books you’ll never read, – clothes you’ll never wear, tools you’ll – never use; ‘Good bye'”

“Global deceptions: – War on Terror, Vatican, – Fort Knox, Frankenfood”

“Gentrification – rich people seek poor peoples’ – annihilation”

“Globalization – banking replaces making – gentrification”

“Gentrification – unintended evictions – poor people homeless”

“Golf: too much walking – for a good game; enough game – to spoil a good walk”

“The full moon rises – as the swans sing in sleep on – the lake of the mind”



July 8, 2013

“Leaving parents at – assisted living is like – leaving kids at camp”; “Incident command – should have seen the thunderstorms – and pulled the Hotshots”; “Humans are a blend – of earthly elements and – ethereal breath”; “Starry nights reveal – the terrifying silence – of empty spaces”