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Senryu/Haiku Quartet: Yes, Virginia, There Is A Climate Change

January 30, 2019

“Polar vortices – and cat five hurricanes prove – climate change is real”

“Climate change skeptics – are seduced by the fools of – our ignorant age”

“The most real things are – the ones that neither children – nor adults can see”

“Climate change exists – as certainly as air and – gravity exist”

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Where’s My Tauntaun?

January 29, 2019

“The Midwest will get – colder than an average – night on Hoth tonight”

“Hey Wisconsin and – Michigan, ya still like Trump’s – stance on climate change?”

Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, The Charge Of The Far Right Brigade

January 28, 2019

“Someone blundered and – into the jaws of defeat – rode Trump’s six hundred”

“Toddler President – whines and throws tantrums when he – can’t have what he wants”

“Trump has a real knack – for doing stuff that ruins – other people’s lives”

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Bravest Girl On Earth

January 26, 2019

“Teenager Greta – Thunberg kicks ass and takes names – of Davos Gotblings”

“I don’t want your hope – I want you to panic; the – house is on fire”

“They came by private – plane, she by train; they stay in – suites, she in a tent”

“There is no grey; it’s – black or it’s white; either we – survive or we don’t”

Senryu/Haiku Sextet, Let Them Eat Loans

January 25, 2019

“Meet Wilbur Ross: lies, – corruption, racism and – contempt for workers”

“Trump and his cronies – don’t care if you can’t afford – to eat or pay rent”

“Wilbur Ross is the – worst member of Trump’s clueless – corrupt cabinet”

“Trump’s shutdown pushes – Americans and airports – to the breaking point”

“Trump’s wall is just a – broken campaign promise not – an emergency”

“Trump’s wall turns into – a cave as he backs down from – government shutdown”

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, En Pointe

January 25, 2019

“Rose Adagio – effortless calm after an – adrenaline rush”

“Meticulous form, – fearless control and some help – from the ballet gods”

“Hitting a perfect – balance, you have to allow – it, you can’t force it”

“You slightly shift your – weight to offset the movement – of your raising arm”

Senryu/Haiku, Kidlit

January 24, 2019

“The bigger the dog
The better and Clifford is
Biggest of them all”

“’Where the Wild Things
Are’: a classic example
Of quest narrative”

“Elizabeth may
Wear a paper bag but she
Can outsmart dragons”

“Harold’s Crayons make
Children want to unleash their

“’Goodnight Moon’ is the
Undisputed monarch of
Children’s bedtime books”

“Everybody has
Terrible, horrible, no
Good, very bad days”

“’The Snowy Day’ is
A lovely, quiet classic
Anytime of year”

“Madeline: one of
The bravest little girls your
Kids will ever meet”

“Wouldn’t you rather
Just hang out and smell flowers
Instead of fighting?”

“A magic pasta
Pot is wonderful unless
You can’t make it stop”

“All the Seuss books are
Must reads for children and the
Creatures that love them”

“MacGregor has chased
Peter out of his garden
For one hundred years”

“A simple story
Of ducks enhanced by knockout
Drawings of Boston”

“If you want really
Snarky, sassy children, read
Them Stinky Cheese Man”

“Frog and Toad are the
Ultimate odd couple of
Children’s picture books”

“Before they watch the
Film, make sure you read Hugo
Cabret to your kids”

“Rat, Mole, Badger and
Toad in England’s countryside
Will never get old”

“The new superstar
On the cutting edge of Kid
Lit is Jon Klassen”

“The Little Prince is
Delightful to read to all
Kids of all ages”

“The Hundred Dresses
Includes an added bonus
Of curing mean girls”

“Mike’s Mary Anne: a
Lady steam shovel”

“Believe it or not
The Wizard of Oz book is
Better than the film”

“What’s a childhood
Without Pooh, Piglet, Tigger
Eeyore and Kanga?’

“Every one of Chris
Van Allsburg’s gorgeous books is
Worth reading aloud”

“Anything written
By Roald Dahl is brilliant
And a little bleak””

“I have a balloon.
Do you have a balloon? My
Balloon is red. POP!”

“Velveteen Rabbit
Will bring tears to the eyes of
The whole family”

“High school boys act like
Little monkeys who’ve read too
Much Curious George”

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Find Me A Young Brett Kavanaugh

January 22, 2019

“Wearing Trump hats gives – high school boys license to act – out their bigotries”

“Certain types of schools – breed a toxic culture based – on white privilege”

“High school boys act like – little monkeys who’ve read too – much ‘Curious George'”

“Republican Spin – Doctors are working for the – smirking kid’s parents”

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Blow Job

January 21, 2019

“Reffing no call on – pass interference screws Saints; – puts Rams in The Bowl”

“Football needs full time – referees like baseball has – full time umpires”

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Read Aloud

January 21, 2019

“One of the key tasks – entrusted to adults is – reading to children”

“Regular bedtime – stories help children become – successful adults”

50 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child