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Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, Obliterate Hate

December 31, 2019

we must stand with our
Orthodox and Chasidic
brothers and sisters

we must constantly
remember the horror of
Hitler’s holocaust

antiSemites feel
empowered with a racist
in the White House

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 25

December 31, 2019

politicians need
to fix retirement, health
care and climate change

con man Trump’s tax cuts
stole the peoples’ money for
his one percent pals

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 24

December 29, 2019

compared to Trump and
Republicans in Congress
Scrooge was a nice guy

Trump doesn’t have a
conscience but hopefully some
Republicans do

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 23

December 22, 2019

Trump is holding hands
with Republicans just like
Thelma and Louise

Trump attacks war vets
and disabled people and
he’ll attack you too

Senryu/Haiku Duet, What’s To Debate?

December 20, 2019

Trump bribed a foreign
government to help himself
get re-elected

The Constitution
foresaw a rogue President
not a rogue Senate

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Speak Loudly And Carry A Small Stick

December 18, 2019

Trade War: China wins,
America loses, Trump
lies about the truth

Trump has no class, charm,
wit, wisdom, self-awareness,
conscience or honor

Our friends no longer
trust him and our enemies
no longer fear him

Trump’s Trade War made
America Weak Again
and Asia Strong Again

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 22

December 16, 2019

if you think Trump is
not guilty you have not read
the Constitution

Trump Republicans
have no principles, morals,
courage or shame

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 21

December 13, 2019

Trump’s Republican
party: corruption, hatred
‘n’ treason ‘r’ us

Trump disses Greta
biggest asshole to ever
darken the White House

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 20

December 10, 2019

it’s obvious that
Trump is guilty and that
Republicans don’t care

Giuliani still
in Ukraine committing more
impeachable crimes

Senryu/Haiku, Paean To The Makers

December 9, 2019

children can never
have too many books; thank you
people who make them