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Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 59

February 29, 2020

we’ve run out of face masks
and hand sanitizer but don’t
worry, Trump is prepared

Trump’s lying about
coronavirus will not
help to contain it

Senryu/Haiku Trilogy, Dump Trump 58

February 28, 2020

untrained teams deployed
without protective gear for
Trump virus response

unprepared response
teams will help spread, not contain

Trump’s Virus Czar, ‘Pray
It Away’, Pence once botched an
HIV crisis

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 57

February 28, 2020

how many lies does
Trump have to tell before we
call him a liar?

CDC, hundreds
of unfilled jobs, flawed test kits,
doesn’t seem prepared

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Dump Trump 56

February 26, 2020

for a response to
Coronavirus, Trump’s shit
is not together

Trump prefers toadies
who kiss his ass to experts
who are competent

Trump should make us hope
there really is a God who
punishes sinners

Trump puts Pence in charge
of Coronavirus; why
don’t we feel safer?

Senryu/Haiku Quintet, Dump Trump 55

February 26, 2020

Trump tours the Taj
Mahal; coronavirus
spreads and markets tank

we’re prepared; thirty
million masks for three hundred
plus million people

Wilbur Ross really
said that coronavirus
would boost U.S. jobs

forget travel plans
Trump and his dunces have botched
the virus response

as usual with
Trump there’s no planned response to

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Dump Trump 54

February 23, 2020

for cheating, both Trump
and the Astros should have to
vacate their titles

Trump and Baseball send
our children the message that
it’s okay to cheat

Major League Baseball
and GOP Senators
both condone cheating

for Trump, character,
integrity, fact and truth
no longer matter

Senryu/Haiku Quartet, Dump Trump 53

February 21, 2020

Trump offered Assange
a pardon for denial
of Russian hacking

in Trump’s Chinatown
Republican Senators
are the corrupt cops

Trump’s Washington
Forget it, Jake
It’s Chinatown

Assange denied the
Russian hacking but Trump stiffed
him on the pardon

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 52

February 21, 2020

Witches of Trumpwick
Murkowski, McSally, Ernst,
Capito, Collins

America: where
plutocrats like Bloomberg and
Trump buy elections

Senryu/Haiku Duet, Dump Trump 51

February 20, 2020

pardoned criminals,
fired whistle blowers; Trump
flouts the Rule of Law

the Catholic Church,
the Boy Scouts and Trump cover
up their perversions

Jean Shepherd Forever

February 18, 2020

A Christmas Story
changed the holiday feel good
genre forever