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Haiku, How To Create A Failed State/Terrorist Haven

February 29, 2016

“Clinton’s botched regime – change in Libya was worse – than Bush in Iraq”

Haiku, The Bad Boy’s Dark Triad

February 29, 2016

“Women like to mate – with Machiavellian – psycho narcissists”

Haiku, Party Like It’s 1989

February 28, 2016

“Universities – need to carefully manage – their athletic brands”

Haiku Trilogy, The Pop Art Chronicles

February 28, 2016

“Pop Art resurrects – the manic and acid-tinged – world of the sixties”

“Every morning in – the sixties brought some fresh new – insane disaster”

“The sixties made us – jumpy; we never knew when – the next shoe would drop”

Haiku Duology, Gabriella Quevedo – Hotel California

February 27, 2016

“She plays the guitar, – vocal, bassĀ  and drum lines and – she’s only nineteen”; “Just throw your guitar – into the street and let a – bus run over it”

Haiku, Say It Ain’t So Herky And Cy

February 27, 2016

“Hawkeye and Cyclone – basketball teams are both in – tailspins at crunch time”

Haiku Duology, #WeFoodCopenhagen

February 26, 2016

“Just because food is – ugly or expired don’t – mean we can’t eat it”

“One third of the food – supply produced worldwide ends – up in the garbage”

Haiku, Courtney Barnett Is Quite Dylanesque

February 25, 2016

“Courtney Barnett speaks – Millennial the way Bob – Dylan spoke Sixties”

Haiku Duology, Scullery Wives

February 25, 2016

“If you’re the last to – leave the kitchen you’re not chore – sharing equally”

“Porn for women is – naked men sweeping, scrubbing – and changing diapers”

Haiku Duology, Hollywood Insider

February 25, 2016

“If you’re not a straight – white male, Hollywood can turn – your life into hell”

“Women talk twice as – much but get a third of the – speaking roles in films”