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Haiku Duet, Only A Deadly Game

September 30, 2018

“Aside from pain and – brain damage what does football – really give young men?”

“New Gladiators; – same old hurt whether cheers are – Latin or English”

Haiku Duet, We The Sheeple

September 28, 2018

“In pursuit of sleaze – Brett Kavanaugh ruined Vince – Foster’s family”

“Republicans want – to put a violent drunk – on the Supreme Court”

Haiku Quartet, Withdraw Kavanaugh

September 27, 2018

“The recurring theme – in Kavanaugh’s sex abuse – claims: heavy boozing”

“Hush. Daddy’s busy – trying to lie his way on – to the Supreme Court”

“Hey Kavanaugh. Put – your hands on your head and back – away from that Bench”

“Republicans don’t – want truth; they want their Roe-Wade – killer on the Bench”

Haiku, Too Folk To Be Pop; Too Pop To Be Folk

September 27, 2018

“True lovers say ‘The – Carnival Is Over’; they – never say ‘Goodbye'”

Haiku Trilogy, Braggadocio Takes Down Trump

September 25, 2018

“Trump tries his boasting – lies at the UN; they think – he’s doing standup”

“Trump said the world is – laughing at us; now the world – is laughing at him”

“The best morning news – would be ‘Trump is Resigning’ – or ‘Getting Fired'”

Haiku Duet, Friends

September 25, 2018

“Old friends are like good – stories, paintings and music – visit them often”

“If you keep working – at them, friendships become a – blessing forever”

Haiku Sextet, #KavaNo

September 24, 2018

“There is nothing more – sleazy than a lying white – male Republican”

“To be young, rich, white, – perverted and immune from – the legal system”

“Prep School and College – sex abuse; once a pervert – always a pervert”

“Whether judges or – priests we should be outraged by – old news sex abuse”

“Merrick Garland was – a judge; Brett Kavanaugh is – a politician”

“Shoving man parts in – a lady’s face should never – be acceptable”

Haiku Quartet, Mission Unaccomplished

September 22, 2018

“Trump’s failed response to – Hurricane Maria is – its own disaster”

“The Puerto Rican – landscape is still dotted with – thousands of blue tarps”

“Maria killed more – American Citizens – than Nine-Eleven”

“FEMA’s job is to – manage emergencies; it – failed miserably”

Haiku Duet, Pain Train

September 21, 2018

“Americans drove – right through the gates that warned of – Trump’s approaching train”

“Some day we’ll all be – dead. That’s when Trump will answer – to a higher court”

Haiku Duet, Judge Pinocchio

September 21, 2018

“Old, rich, white, lying, – pussy-grabbing Christian men – run the D.C. game”

“Kavanaugh is a – binge-drinking, pussy-grabbing – liar. Please vote No!”