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Haiku Duet, Republicans Dupe Amerika

November 30, 2017

“My name is Trump; I – will raise your taxes and fuck – up your lifestyle”

“Not since Silent Kal – have Amerikans gotten – so screwed by Congress”


Haiku Duet, Trump And Kim Play Chicken

November 29, 2017

“Amerika and – North Corea the first one – who jumps is chicken”

“Aren’t you glad Trump and – Kim novice, clueless, reckless – losers are in charge?”

Haiku Trilogy, Ridin’ On The Iowa Pain Train

November 27, 2017

“Republican game – plan puts Iowa dead last – in GDP growth”

“Iowa’s sorry – GOP ass gets kicked by – every other state”

“Iowa follows – its masters, the Koch Brothers – straight down the shitter”

Please Share With Members Of Congress

November 27, 2017


(Haiku on Trump, Congress & GOP Tax Cuts)


“Our grandchildren can’t

Afford to repay one point

Five trillion dollars”


“Tax cuts won’t produce

Jobs and income; they’ll produce

Pain and suffering”


“GOP men just

Need to prove that they have the

Biggest deficits”


“GOP tax cuts

Hurt the poor, help the rich, blow

Holes in the budget”


“Taxes are like a

Country’s wrists; if she cuts them

She will bleed to death”


“Dear Lord, please give three

Republican Senators

Eyes to see the light”


“Disembowelment by

Tax cuts has the same result

As hara-kiri”


“Republicans want

To exterminate taxes;

Daleks run amok”


“There’s no Science in

Political; money and

Lies make shit happen”


“Tax cuts will strap the

Deficit machine across

Our grandkids’ shoulders”


“For the poor, first year

Tax cuts will later become

Painful increases”


“Congress craves tax cuts

For the rich as if they were

Oreo cookies”


“Repeating a lie

Over and over doesn’t

Change it into truth”


“There’s nothing surer

Than the rich get richer and

The poor get poorer”


“Your Medicare and

Social Security: the

Real tax cut targets”


“Cutting taxes won’t

Fix Social Security

But raising them will”


“Republican tax

Cuts are riddled with human

Parasitic worms”


“Tax cut deficits

Get charged to the credit cards

Of your grandchildren”


“Tax reform: you pay

More; corporations and the

Rich pay much, much less”


“Congress doesn’t heed

The call; stands in the doorway

And blocks up the hall”


“Grad students are poor

Taxing free tuition will

Just make them poorer”


“GOP tax plan

Will kill off PhD’s and

Dumb down the workforce”


“Graduate School is

Hard; Republicans will make

It impossible”


“GOP will screw

You for having kids, getting

Degrees, buying homes”


“Republican tax

Cuts take a flamethrower to

Our children’s future”


“Paradise Papers

Reveal that the one percent

Doesn’t need tax cuts”


“GOP wants to

Cut taxes and your children’s

Wrists at the same time”


“GOP panders

To the one percent; wants to

Screw the middle class”


“Real GOP tax

Plan: starve the government, force

Entitlement cuts”


“GOP tax cuts

Meanest and cruelest to the

Most vulnerable”


“The only sure way

To get rich is to marry

A one percent girl”


“Congress behaves like

A harem of concubines

For the one percent”


“With Trump at the helm

The biggest threat to world peace

Is Amerika”


“Congress is a bunch

Of puppets whose strings are pulled

By wealthy donors”


“With Trump driving and

Tweeting, our bus feels more like

A runaway hearse”


“The American

Experiment of checks and

Balances has failed”


“When politicians

Refuse to follow the rules

The system breaks down”


“Very few countries

Have copied America’s

Form of government”


“With FDR and

Lincoln, America lucked

Out; with Trump, not so”


“The Founders didn’t

Foresee Congress as puppets

To wealthy donors”


“If you own a home,

If you get sick, if you have

Student loans, you lose”


“Corporate tax cuts

Won’t go to workers; they will

Go to shareholders”


“GOP tax bill

Same old whore in a new dress

Tax cuts for the rich”



“The fuzzy math of

The Republican tax bill

Means you’re getting screwed”


“Americans need

401k’s and state and

Local deductions”


“You’re smokin’ your socks

If you think corporate tax

Cuts will raise wages”


“When enough people

Understand the truth Congress

Will have to vote no”


“Republicans have

A Gatling gun of tax cuts

To mow down the poor”



Neil Ruddy


Haiku, Iowa Girl

November 26, 2017

“Charity Nebbe – an Iowa treasure; a – tall drink of water”

Haiku Quartet, Taxobotomy

November 25, 2017

“Our grandchildren can’t – afford to repay one point – five trillion dollars”

“Tax cuts won’t produce – jobs and income; they’ll produce – pain and suffering”

“GOP men just – need to prove that they have the – biggest deficits”

“GOP tax cuts – hurt the poor, help the rich, blow – holes in the budget”

Haiku Quintet, Stop The Tax Cut Madness

November 24, 2017

“Taxes are like a – Country’s wrists; if she cuts them – she will bleed to death”

“Dear Lord, please give three – Republican Senators – eyes to see the light”

“Disembowelment by – tax cuts has the same result – as hara-kiri”

“Republicans want – to exterminate taxes – Daleks run amok”

“There’s no science in – political; money and – lies make shit happen”

Self Portrait

November 22, 2017

Ent, Dog, Boy

“Every old man needs – to stay in touch with the boy – who is trapped inside”

Haiku: Rick, Red And Gordon

November 21, 2017

“Rick, Red and Gordon – if this doesn’t grab you by the heart – you might not have one”

Haiku Quartet, Just Say No To Tax Cuts

November 21, 2017

“Tax cuts will strap the – deficit machine across – our grandkids’ shoulders”

“For the poor, first year – tax cuts will later become – painful increases”

“Congress craves tax cuts – for the rich as if they were – oreo cookies”

“Repeating a lie – over and over doesn’t – change it into truth”