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Haiku Sextet, Leaker In Chief

May 17, 2017

1. “Trump didn’t just leak – secrets he gave them straight to – enemy agents”

2. “If you keep shooting – from the hip you’re bound to hit – yourself in the foot”

3. “New security – firm: Snowden, Manning and Trump – open for business”

4, “You dominate or – submit; you create fear or – you succumb to it”

5. “Trump’s development – as a person ended in – early childhood”

6. “Impeach Trump before – he makes even more stupid, – outrageous messes”


April 12, 2017

“America’s First – Bimbo can’t even pull off – an Easter Egg Roll”

Haiku, How To Breach White House Security

September 30, 2014

“Distract the dog with – a steak; distract the agents – with some prostitutes”