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Wedding Haiku, Outtakes 4

September 11, 2017

“Sailing the sea of
Matrimony has ups and
Downs but mostly ups”

“Marriage isn’t just
Chemistry; it’s persistence,
Respect, work and love”

“Marriage: give and take,
Pick your battles, know when to
Not sweat the small stuff”

“Learn to adapt, be
Honest and be happy with
The hand life dealt you”

“Always continue
To grow, place each other first
And trust each other”

“A sense of humor
Is the most essential trait
Of marriage success”

“Respect your spouse’s
Opinions and tell her you
Love her every day”

“The secret of a
Successful marriage is to
Pretend all the time”

“Communicate, be
Honest, be vulnerable,
Always be a team”

“Roll with the punches,
Be happy with what you’ve got,
Forgive and forget”

Wedding Haiku, Outtakes 3

September 10, 2017
“Beauty isn’t a
Pretty face; it’s a pretty
Heart and mind and soul”
“Do you measure your
Life in significant or
Self-indulgent acts?”
“Why do we yearn for
More; why can’t we be happy
With just what we have?”
“All artists are on
A continuous hunt for
Who they really are”
“Just because a road
Is on a map doesn’t mean
It’s safe to take it”
“We should all flock to
Austin to nurture our souls
At South By Southwest”
“When big things go wrong
Be thankful for the little
Things still going right”
“Between the garbage
And seaweed you will find the
Heroes and flowers”
“Goodbyes are not the
End; they just mean I’ll miss you
Till we meet again”
“Humans need faith for
Sustenance just as they need
Clothes, food and shelter”
“God is inside and
Outside; upstairs and downstairs
God is everywhere”
“Love is inside and
Outside; upstairs and downstairs
Love is everywhere”

Wedding Haiku, Outtakes 1

September 7, 2017

“People hold hands to
Speak without talking, to say
‘I want you with me'”

“May your lives always
Have food, water, cover and
Places to raise young”

“Never miss a chance
To bond and have quality
Time with your elders”

“May you stay mostly
On key as you perform the
Forever duet”

“I promise to love
And honor you but I will
Obey only me”

“There will be bumps in
Life’s road; make sure your hearts have
Good shock absorbers”

“Life with a spouse is
Significantly different
From life without one”

“Keep yourselves balanced
And aligned so the wheels don’t
Fall off your marriage”

“Keep yourselves tuned up
So your marriage runs smoothly
On all cylinders”

“The most beautiful
Words in the English language
‘You’re hired’; ‘I do’”

“Let’s do it like Fred
And Ginger; high heels and spats,
Forward and backward”

Haiku, Old Enough To Be Her Grandpa

August 25, 2017

“For May-December – couples, forever will be – completely different”

Haiku, First Puff

February 15, 2017

“Have your weed wedding – in Colorado and get – Rocky Mountain high”


Haiku, Mary Landon Baker

February 1, 2017

“The shy bride never – met the right man at the right – time in the right place”

Haiku, Museum Directors In Love

August 29, 2016

“Love prevails when you – have a good eye and know what – you like at first sight”