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Haiku Trilogy, A Call To Arms

July 17, 2017

“Bogus Election – Commission; just more smoke and – mirrors from team Trump”

“Our democracy – is being assaulted by – its own President”

“Now is the time for – all patriots to support – the ACLU”

Two Haiku: Profiles In Cowardice; The Dirty Half Dozen

July 6, 2017

“Six little cowards – prop up the pathogenic – Trump presidency”

“Trump’s presidency – is a plague enabled by – six rat-faced bastards”

Haiku Duet, Le Theatre Du Grand Trumpnol

July 1, 2017

“You can’t be sure of – anything from Trump except – for his cruelty”

“Is Alfred Hitchcock – directing the shit show called – Trump’s Presidency?”

Haiku Duet, Give Trump A Brain-Lift

July 1, 2017

“The White House social – media expert used to – be Trump’s golf caddy”

“Toxic bosses have – difficulty recruiting – competent people”

Haiku Trilogy, Liar-In-Chief

June 29, 2017

“Trump’s ignorance of – health care policy would fill – Wikipedia”

“Republicans stuff – their tired old tax cut whore – into a new dress”

“With Trump driving the – bus Amerika is on – the highway to hell”

Haiku Duet: Hey, Trump!

June 24, 2017

“Stop having campaign – rallies and start governing – the goddamn country”

“Trump prefers working – the crowds at rallies to the – work of governing”

Haiku Trilogy, Hurricane Trump

June 20, 2017

“Lawyers are the first – responders of choice to the – Trump emergency”

“Even Trump’s lawyer, – Cohen has retained his own – personal lawyer”

“We should not have a – crook, liar, misogynist – as our President”

Haiku Duet, The Great Prevaricator

June 20, 2017

“Trump’s promise not to – cut Social Security – Fuhgeddaboudit”

“Deceiver, swindler, – flimflammer, double crosser, – wolf in sheep’s clothing”

Haiku Trilogy, Liars Hire Liars

June 16, 2017

“Trump is a toddler – having a continuous – diaper blowout”

“For Trump, lying is – an essential skill to have – on your resume”

“Who is the bigger – asshole? The asshole or the – assholes who follow?”–KADyzw6nRFM2ttFNzjg-bgFnfR2aCyvKfmU39YRXR4AWSHKMCLYYiGCKlDKNVFaWe5hoeGmTEG2TFtLbm0IVYrYt9zA&_hsmi=53217717&rf=1

Haiku, Comey Day

June 9, 2017

“Spending your morning – drinking and watching Fox News – at a D.C. bar”