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Haiku, Corrupting A Beautiful Game

September 2, 2015

“FIFA is the new – mafia and Sepp Blatter – is its Godfather”

Haiku, Journalist’s Mantra

June 6, 2015

“Take your time, dig up – dirty documents, don’t trust – people in power”

Haiku, Herr Blatter Have You Ever Taken A Bribe?

June 6, 2015

“Andrew Jennings, the – writer who exposed FIFA’s – geezer scumbag thugs”

Haiku Octet, The Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast Of FIFA

May 30, 2015

The Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast Of FIFA (haiku octet) 1. “Third world countries, where – corruption is routine are – Sepp Blatter’s lap dogs”, 2. “Blatter is Pope of – the FIFA Church that runs the – soccer religion”, 3. “Cronyism, cash, – corruption and chutzpah run – the FIFA machine”, 4. “Seventy-three brave – countries resisted FIFA’s – blatant corruption”, 5. “As long as there’s cash – FIFA doesn’t care about – its players or fans”, 6. “Working conditions – at Qatar’s FIFA sites could – double as crime scenes” 7. “Qatar’s kafala – lures workers and then withholds – wages and passports”, 8. “World Cup guarantees – a spike in prostitution – for the host country”