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Wedding Haiku, Outtakes 4

September 11, 2017

“Sailing the sea of
Matrimony has ups and
Downs but mostly ups”

“Marriage isn’t just
Chemistry; it’s persistence,
Respect, work and love”

“Marriage: give and take,
Pick your battles, know when to
Not sweat the small stuff”

“Learn to adapt, be
Honest and be happy with
The hand life dealt you”

“Always continue
To grow, place each other first
And trust each other”

“A sense of humor
Is the most essential trait
Of marriage success”

“Respect your spouse’s
Opinions and tell her you
Love her every day”

“The secret of a
Successful marriage is to
Pretend all the time”

“Communicate, be
Honest, be vulnerable,
Always be a team”

“Roll with the punches,
Be happy with what you’ve got,
Forgive and forget”

Haiku, High Mileage Marriage

May 23, 2016

“Has your life lost its – sound and fury; has your spouse – become your roommate?”

Haiku, Rules For Successful Relationships

November 15, 2014

“Stay faithful, don’t flirt, – want, respect, talk to and make – time for your partner”