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Haiku, If You Write, Aim For Children

April 16, 2016

“The best poems are – those accessible to both – children and adults”

Haiku Octet, The Value Of Poems And Songs

November 9, 2015

1. “Your life is always – changing; you’re just too busy – to pay attention”

2. “Read poems out loud – your ears will process more than – your brain will allow”

3. “Ambiguity – is the essence of what it – means to be human”

4. “Reading should always – give pleasure but pleasure is – not the only point”

5. “Poems can feel like – safes with the combinations – locked snugly inside”

6. “Snowflakes are unique – like friends but also cold and – fleeting, unlike friends”

7. “The best time to read – poems is when you are young, – smart and slightly stoned”

8. “Great poems and songs – help us get ready for the – final silence: death”


August 30, 2013

“Dutch girl cleaning was – once the most famous image – in advertising”

“As long as awful – people keep doing awful – things the Onion lives”

“Why would females or – people of color ever – vote Republican?”

“Working men of all – tongues unite, you have nothing – to lose but your chains”

“Mahalia Jackson¬† – yelled ‘Martin, tell them about – that dream you still have'”

“Teacher rapes student – she commits suicide and – he gets thirty days”


August 24, 2013

“Parkinson’s disease – everything inside of you – freezes up and dies”

“If you make James Joyce – your vanishing point, you’ll breathe – words instead of air”

“Art is essential – it not only makes students – smart; it makes them smile”

“Chairs like to hang out – in clean, well lighted places – just like people do”

“Palettes: colorful – mud until genius fingers – coax the beauty out”


July 28, 2013

“Behind every great – male writer is the talk of – a wife or girlfriend”

“Its all over now – Bob Dylan goes electric – Newport sixty-five”

“If you chew and play – Sousaphone brown juice will come – out of your spit valves”

“Painters paint pictures – on canvas; musicians paint – pictures on silence”

“We get weaned from our – mothers and start nursing on – gas pumps and beer cans”

“Listen to the track – when you hear the rail poppin’ – train time won’t be long”

“Fission: one heavy – splits into two lights; fusion: – two lights get heavy”

“Writers delight to – hear ‘When I read what you write – I hear you talking'”


July 21, 2013

“The Open: Lefty – shoves his lifetime exemption – right up Tiger’s ass”

“Books you’ll never read, – clothes you’ll never wear, tools you’ll – never use; ‘Good bye'”

“Global deceptions: – War on Terror, Vatican, – Fort Knox, Frankenfood”

“Gentrification – rich people seek poor peoples’ – annihilation”

“Globalization – banking replaces making – gentrification”

“Gentrification – unintended evictions – poor people homeless”

“Golf: too much walking – for a good game; enough game – to spoil a good walk”

“The full moon rises – as the swans sing in sleep on – the lake of the mind”