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Haiku Trilogy, Liars Hire Liars

June 16, 2017

“Trump is a toddler – having a continuous – diaper blowout”

“For Trump, lying is – an essential skill to have – on your resume”

“Who is the bigger – asshole? The asshole or the – assholes who follow?”–KADyzw6nRFM2ttFNzjg-bgFnfR2aCyvKfmU39YRXR4AWSHKMCLYYiGCKlDKNVFaWe5hoeGmTEG2TFtLbm0IVYrYt9zA&_hsmi=53217717&rf=1

Haiku Trilogy, Nepotism Stinks

March 28, 2017

1. “Trump makes us realize – the worst enemy is the – enemy within”

2. “West Wing Ivanka – worse security threat than – Islamic terror”

3. “If nepotism – is illegal how can Trump – be above the law?”