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Haiku, Semisonic

January 28, 2018

“A great and under – appreciated band from – Minneapolis”

Haiku Trilogy: Bye, Bye Betsy

July 22, 2017

“Preppie and Ivy, – Betsy Hodges lacks the chops – to be a Mayor”

“Betsy Hodges is – the worst big city Mayor – in Amerika”

“Big city Mayors – almost always Democrats – but not always good”

Betsy Hodges Is Gunning for No. 1 Spot as Worst Mayor in America

Haiku, RIP Dayton’s

January 4, 2017

“The final nail goes – in Dayton’s coffin; no more – Oak Room or Skyroom”

Haiku, #Justice4Jamar

March 31, 2016

“Sad Minnesota – day; prosecutors ignore – evidence; cops walk”

Haiku, Transit Cops Throw Down For Fare Dodging

July 14, 2015

“We are all just one – police throw down away from – being Ferguson”

Haiku, RIP Steve Martin

June 27, 2014

Haiku, RIP Steve Martin

“City of Lakes and – Juicy Lucys or sadness, – hate and disrespect?”

Haiku, City Of Flakes

June 16, 2014

Haiku, City Of Flakes

“Black Department Head – makes racist statements about – Hmong Council Member”