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Haiku Title: “We must, we must, we – must impeach Trump before he – busts up our planet”

May 19, 2017

‘Getting paid by Putin, leaking classified secrets, obstructing justice, intimidating witnesses, attacking judges, demeaning the military and failing to fill important federal positions that protect our health and safety while appointing his children to made up positions is sure making Amerika great again’


Haiku Sextet, Leaker In Chief

May 17, 2017

1. “Trump didn’t just leak – secrets he gave them straight to – enemy agents”

2. “If you keep shooting – from the hip you’re bound to hit – yourself in the foot”

3. “New security – firm: Snowden, Manning and Trump – open for business”

4, “You dominate or – submit; you create fear or – you succumb to it”

5. “Trump’s development – as a person ended in – early childhood”

6. “Impeach Trump before – he makes even more stupid, – outrageous messes”