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Haiku Duet, Swatting Deaths Are Homicides

December 31, 2017

“Swatters whose pranks cause – victims to die by cop should – be charged with murder”

“Innocent unarmed – Swat prank victim gets killed by – itchy fingered cop”

Haiku, Bench Trey Tucker

December 11, 2015

“Good kids who go bad – should be punished like men and – not mollycoddled”

Haiku, Arbitration Is Not Justice

November 6, 2015

“Arbitration is – a stacked deck; rulings always – favor businesses”

Haikus, Killing For Fun, 48

October 8, 2015

“Facebook’s relentless – algorithms will not stop – avenging Cecil”

“Facebook’s relentless – algorithms will not stop – pursuing Wally”

Haikus, Killing For Fun 47

October 6, 2015

“Hey Wally, do you – wear that man purse to haul your – ego around in?”

“Bow hunters are most – depraved; they like to watch slow – painful suffering”

Haiku, Qualified Immunity Sucks

August 11, 2015

“SCOTUS says you don’t – have a right to survive if – you’re locked up in jail”