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Haiku, A Congress Of Dunces

January 22, 2018

“Flu and opioid – epidemics rage; Congress – shuts down CDC”

Haiku Trilogy, The Art Of The Bad Deal

December 7, 2017

“Trump’s deals have no quid – pro quo; he always receives – nothing in return”

“Trump’s Jerusalem – giveaway puts U.S. Troops – in greater danger”

“Trump gives away the – farm every time he deals with – another leader”

Haiku Duet, Just Say ‘No!’ To GOP Cruelty

September 22, 2017

“Destroy the black guy’s – legacy even if sick – people have to die”

“GOP cares more – for bashing Obama than – caring for the sick”

Haiku Duet: Hey, Trump!

June 24, 2017

“Stop having campaign – rallies and start governing – the goddamn country”

“Trump prefers working – the crowds at rallies to the – work of governing”

Haiku, Senators For Sale

February 7, 2017

America’s uproar over education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos isn’t just about education

“DeVos proves you don’t – have to be qualified if – you buy the right votes”