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Everybody Must Get Screwed (Bob Dylan Said That) [haiku quartet]

April 27, 2017

1. “All politicians – spin but Trump lies, brazenly – and regularly”

2. “The schmuck who wrote The – Art of the Deal can’t even – do deals with Congress”

3. “After Bush Two we – thought a President couldn’t – be worse; we were wrong”

4. “Help save the planet – from Trump; teach your children how – to think like hippies”

Haiku Duet, A Respite From Trump

March 18, 2017

“Dear Millennials – The Grateful Dead invented – the jam band genre”

“We can share women, – we can share wine, but now we’ve – done shared all of mine”

Haiku, RIP Jay Lynch

March 13, 2017

“Underground comix – were a powerful art form – in hippie culture”

Haiku, Eve Of P.F. Sloan

June 23, 2016

“Old hippies don’t know – Sloan but they all remember – his most famous song”