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Haiku Octet, The Value Of Poems And Songs

November 9, 2015

1. “Your life is always – changing; you’re just too busy – to pay attention”

2. “Read poems out loud – your ears will process more than – your brain will allow”

3. “Ambiguity – is the essence of what it – means to be human”

4. “Reading should always – give pleasure but pleasure is – not the only point”

5. “Poems can feel like – safes with the combinations – locked snugly inside”

6. “Snowflakes are unique – like friends but also cold and – fleeting, unlike friends”

7. “The best time to read – poems is when you are young, – smart and slightly stoned”

8. “Great poems and songs – help us get ready for the – final silence: death”

Haikus, Echigo Tsumari Trilogy

August 25, 2015

“Imagination – transforms abandoned houses – and schools into art”

“Imagination – and creativity sew – torn social fabric”

“Real art happens when – exalted artists step out – of their comfort zones”

Haikus, Blues Quartet

May 26, 2015

“A sixty something – retread will not get the Blues – to the Stanley Cup”

“Blues resign Hitchcock – guarantee yet another – Stanley Cup exit”

“Blues make opposing – hockey fans happy; resign – sure playoff choker”

“Coaches must evolve – as players evolve; Hitchcock – is not the answer”

Two Haikus

March 8, 2015

New Oxford Junior Dictionary “Adder, bluebell, fern, – mistletoe out; blog, broadband, – chatroom, voicemail in”

Landmarks: A Lexicon Of Landscape “Caochan, lairig, – cladach, roarie bummlers, shreep, – sun scald, ammil, wurr”

Haikus, In Defense Of Marriage Equality

February 28, 2015

“The quality, not – the gender of the person – makes the good parent”

“God doesn’t care what – gender marriage partners are – because God is love”

“Children care about – being loved and avoiding – abuse, not gender”

“Biological – means sharing body fluids – not health or welfare”

“Child rearing perks – should not be monopolized – by breeding parents”

“Biological – is just a ten letter word – that means animal”

“Life’s not about the – hand you are dealt; it’s about – how you play those cards”

Haikus, Crossing The Planetary Bar

January 21, 2015

“We’re treating the earth – like we’re toddlers; we need a – time out in our rooms”

“We’re destroying our – planet and our bodies for – cha ching and pimp juice”

Haikus, Art Wars

January 17, 2015

“Young artists need to – be in the trenches where the – culture wars are fought”

“Artists shouldn’t have – to survive by working at – jobs foreign to art”

“If you want to be – a musician, marinate – yourself in music”

“Gentrification – pillages the sweet spot where – artists can survive”

“Just building bike lanes – and embracing Gays won’t make – cities creative”

“People with trust funds – and corporations with cash – run the Big Arts game”

Haikus, Living With Chairs

January 17, 2015

“You can’t wish away – your scars; you have to wear them – where they fell on you”

“Whatever you make – of today you will carry – with you tomorrow”

“Dining room mandate – stay connected; continue – laughing and talking”

“We change whether we – want to or not but our past – just repeats itself”

Haikus, Common Core’s Folly

January 15, 2015

“Teaching isn’t a – lost art but respect for it – is a lost custom”

“Kindergarten should – be fun, not a sweat shop like – the rest of the grades”

“Active language-rich – play sessions are better than – force feeding reading”

“Drills, table tasks and – worksheets make our Jills and Jacks – very dull children”

“Forcing kids beyond – their skills causes thunder and – lightning in their brains”

“End high stakes testing – in the lower grades; don’t judge – teachers on test scores”

Haiku Diptych, Leelah’s Protest

January 1, 2015

“Mom and Dad: Fuck you. – You can’t control transgendered – children. That’s messed up”; “Leelah’s message to – conservative Christians: ‘Fix – society, please.'”