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Haiku Quintet: As Usual, Republicans Love Smoke And Mirrors

September 24, 2017

“Replace Obama – care with Single Payer; keeps – promise, solves problem”

“If you have a pre – existing condition, say – ‘Thank you, John McCain'”

“Even with risk pools – insurance is costly, no – good and hard to get”

“If you live in a – red state and Obamacare – is repealed, you’re screwed”

“Didn’t know how bad – it was. Now I do. Won’t you – make my red state blue?”

Dear Chuck Grassley And Joni Ernst:

September 22, 2017

Please vote no on the Graham Cassidy health care bill. It will have a cruel and inhumane impact on the Iowans who will be deprived of health care. It is also incompetently drafted and its outcomes as described by its supporters are outright lies. Its only reason for existing is to tarnish President Obama’s legacy and placate big money donors. Please grow a conscience and do the right thing by voting no on Graham Cassidy.

Haiku Duet, Just Say ‘No!’ To GOP Cruelty

September 22, 2017

“Destroy the black guy’s – legacy even if sick – people have to die”

“GOP cares more – for bashing Obama than – caring for the sick”