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Haiku Quintet, Fear And Hate In The Heartland

January 31, 2018

“Racism rears its – ugly head at Iowa – high school basketball”

“Spencer students chant – racist hatred at Storm Lake – basketball players”

“White privilege and – racist leaders enable – teens to fear and hate”

“Art Cullen, the Sage – of Storm Lake, speaks out against – racists and hatred”

“America needs – to dump Trump and Iowa – needs to dump Steve King”

Haiku, Iowa’s Trump Clone

December 12, 2017

“Steve King is a dumb – racist asshole who must be – removed from Congress”

Haiku, Beach Reads

July 3, 2017

“Let’s all do common – reading assignments on race – and immigration”

Haiku Quintet, Death Cab For Diversity

July 14, 2016

1. “The Twin Cities: how – a progressive oasis – became a desert”

2. “Flawed housing and jobs – policies can feed the weeds – of segregation”

3. “In just two decades – the Twin Cities has become – just like St. Louis”

4. “In Falcon Heights if – you are honest and tell the – truth cops will shoot you”

5. “If you’re black and you – pack the cops will shoot first and – ask questions later”

Haiku, Brave Little Girl

September 24, 2015

“Sophie Cruz is the – mightiest and bravest girl – in the world right now”

Haiku, Immigrant Trilogy

February 25, 2015

“Everyone who is – not Native American – is an immigrant”

“Republicans fear – diversity; it threatens – white male privilege”

“Any nation that won’t – assimilate immigrants – also won’t prosper”