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Haiku Duet, Suburban Jungle

July 31, 2017

“Life’s most expensive – choice: find a place to live that – really feels like home”

“Are you raising your – kids with people you want to – be raising kids with?”

Haikus, Homage To Jan Gehl, Father Of Modern Copenhagen

May 17, 2014

Haikus, Homage To Jan Gehl, Father Of Modern Copenhagen

“Built environment – should make people happy, not – scared, lonely and sad”; “Streets and squares should be – a ballet for connecting, – shopping and trysting”; “Everyday you should – wake up a little better – than the day before”; “An hour a day – walking or biking will keep – the doctor away”; “When modernism – married cars, people got screwed – they must get divorced”; “Le Courbousier – and Robert Moses destroyed – modern urban life”; “Copenhagen was – rescued from cars and returned – to bikes by Jan Gehl”; “Who makes decisions – near sighted politics or – far sighted wisdom?”; “Post earthquake Christchurch, – will it rebuild like LA – or Copenhagen?”; “If your fitness gym – is on the 5th floor, don’t take – the elevator”; “Eschew the views of – airplanes and birds; design from – the human’s eye view”; “If you’re fat and don’t – like to bike, get a large dog – weight loss guaranteed”