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Haiku Quartet: Capitalism, 101

December 29, 2016

1. “Hucksters have always – been allowed to pillage and – rob Americans”

2. “They used every means – even fraud and deception – to make their fortunes”

3. “America was – built and ruled on the backs of – exploited workers”

4. “If you cheat me I – won’t sue you, the law is too – slow, I’ll ruin you”

Haiku Duology, American Dream

November 15, 2015

“Sick, drug addicted, – bankrupt and crushed by collapsed – capitalism”

“A tiny clique of – rich oligarchs runs the game – and calls all the shots”

Haiku, Capitalism

November 3, 2014

“The rich get richer – the poor work or get welfare – there is no middle”

Haiku, Ronald Rayguns A-Blazin’

June 1, 2014

Haiku, Ronald Rayguns A-Blazin’

“Capitalism – eats its own children, hoping – they will trickle down”

Haiku, Too Many Working People Don’t Make Enough Money

April 2, 2014

Haiku, Too Many Working People Don’t Make Enough Money

“Too many people – with jobs, don’t earn enough to – buy necessities”