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Haiku Trilogy, Football Maims Young Mens’ Brains

July 29, 2017

1. “Would you cheer at a – car wreck? You do each time you – watch a football game”

2. “Every time your head – gets hit your soft brain smashes – into your hard skull”

3. “Colleges need to – stop paying young men to maim – their brains in football”

Haiku Quartet, Dubya’s Devise

June 10, 2016

1. “Bush and Cheney’s wars – have left us a pandemic – of blast injuries”

2. “The blasts of modern – war destroy our complex and – vulnerable brains”

3. “The invisible – wounds of blast trauma can sure – fuck your brain up good”

4. “Devious people – who lie to start wars should be – tried as criminals”

“Military hid – truth about PTSD – from vets and public”

Haiku Trilogy, RIP Hamzah “the Lion” Aljahmi

March 28, 2016

“There is no place in – a civilized world for sports – that cause brain damage”

“Violent sports like – fighting lure poor kids who just – want to not be poor”

“Climate change kills us – all at once; poverty kills – us one at a time”

Put Me In Coach I’m Ready To Get My Bell Rung

December 9, 2015

“Repeated head hits – in high impact contact sports – hurt your brain for keeps”