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Haiku, A Tale Of Two Americas

September 16, 2017

“The Courts refuse to – hold white cops accountable – for snuffing black lives”

Haiku Duet, #blacklivessnuffedbywhitecops

June 19, 2017

“White Seattle cops – murder pregnant black woman – in front of her kids”

“Pregnant black woman – killed by cops; no coverage – on national news”

Haiku, #blacklivesshouldmatter

June 17, 2017

“In Amerika – there is no justice for black – people killed by cops”

Haiku, Hacklandia

January 16, 2017

“Trump is the ruler – of the Moronocracy – of Handgrabasstan”

Haiku Quartet, Cops Are The Modern Lynch Mob

September 22, 2016

1. “The police just shot – my daddy four times in the – back for being black”

2. “If you’re black and you – put your hands up the cops are – still going to shoot”

3. “We’re black men, the cops – think we want to steal your stuff – and rape your daughters”

4. “Cops plant evidence – like farmers plant corn and beans – it’s in their nature”

Haiku, When Does Insanity Go On Trial?

November 16, 2015

“Minneapolis – cops shot an unarmed, handcuffed – black man in the head”

Haiku, Cops Gone Wild

September 26, 2015

“Paralyzed black man – killed by cops in his wheel chair – didn’t have a gun”

Haiku, Qualified Immunity Sucks

August 11, 2015

“SCOTUS says you don’t – have a right to survive if – you’re locked up in jail”