Ding-Dong! The Koch Is Dead

Ding-Dong! The Koch Is Dead
(to the tune of Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg)

Once there was a wicked Koch in lovely Wichita
And a wickeder, wickeder, wickeder Koch you never, ever saw
He filled the folks in Trumpkin land with terror and with dread
‘Till one fine day from the Blue Highway a cyclone caught the U.S. House
That brought the wicked Koch his doom
And laid him in his tomb
For the U.S. House fell on his head and the coroner pronounced him dead
And through the town the joyous news was spread

Ding-dong, the Koch is dead! Which old Koch? The rich old Koch!
Ding-dong the rich old Koch is dead
Wake up you Democrats, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked Koch is dead!
He’s gone where Republicans go, down below to the old hell hole, yo ho
Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out
Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the wicked Koch is dead

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