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Haiku, 80th Organ

March 28, 2018

“Interstitium – newly discovered organ – is the lymph highway”

Haiku Duet, Guns Before Children

March 27, 2018

“Remington avoids – Sandy Hook damages through – bankruptcy filing”

“Our laws protect gun – companies much better than – they protect children”

Haiku, Welcome To DeVosland

March 26, 2018

“School Districts don’t care – about students; they only – care about money”

Haiku: Sister Jean, Media Queen

March 25, 2018

“Sister Jean’s fifteen – minutes of fame can sometimes – need a full day’s work”

Haiku Trilogy, Voter’s Remorse

March 24, 2018

“Farmers and ranchers – voted for Trump; his tariffs – will harm them badly”

“Trump throws a monkey – wrench into the smooth running – machine of world trade”

“Years of bumper crops – kept prices low; Trump’s tariffs – will cut crop exports”

Haiku Trilogy, Choose Children First

March 23, 2018

“Parents should never – refuse when their kids want to – pursue their passions”

“Every kid in the – Twin Cities could have taken – world class dance lessons”

“Grandparents; you can’t – take it with you; help out with – grandkid expenses”

Happy National Puppy Day

March 23, 2018

Haiku Duet, Trump Is Putin’s Bitch

March 23, 2018

“Trump is a traitor – whoever leaked the memo – is a patriot”

“Will somebody please – just give Trump a memo that – says DO NOT RESIGN”

Haiku, Eire Forever

March 23, 2018

“Happy Saint Patrick’s – Day from me, Clancy Brothers – and Tommy Makem”

Haiku Duet, Two Faced Religion

March 22, 2018

“Evangelicals – still love Trump and condone his – sleazy mistresses”

“A leader who lacks – all morals is in charge of – the United States”