Setlist for Holi

1. Early Mornin’ Rain “Where the mornin’ rain don’t fall And the sun always shines”, 2. Jesse James “He took from the rich and he gave to the poor”, 3. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine “But, oh, Lord, we’d do it again”, 4. Fishing Blues “Spied them catfish shimmying around, Got so hungry didn’t know what to do”, 5. Crawdad “What you gonna do when the crawdads die, Sit on the bank until I cry”, 6. I Saw The Light “Then like the blind man that God gave back his sight, Praise the Lord, I saw the light”, 7. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms “Mama’s a ginger cake baker; Sister can weave and can spin”, 8. Wildwood Flower “The wild flowers to weep And the wild birds to mourn”, 9. The Fox “Prayed for the moon to give him light”, 10. Reuben James “And remember the name of that good Reuben James”, 11. San Francisco Bay Blues “Walkin’ with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay”, 12. Roddy McCorley “There is never a one of all your dead More bravely fell in fray”


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