Tonight’s setlist (played on the J100)

1. Life Is Like A Mountain Railway “Keep your hand upon the throttle and your eye upon the rail”, 2. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere “Gate won’t close Railings froze”, 3. Shady Grove “Shoes and stockin’s in her hand And her little bare feet on the floor”, 4. Suzanne “she gets you on her wavelength and she lets the river answer that you’ve always been her lover”, 5. Reuben James “we watched for the U-boats and we waited for the fight”, 6. Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right “I can’t hear you anymore”, 7. The Universal Soldier “And he never sees the writing on the wall”, 8. Jamaica Farewell “I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town”, 9. My Cabin In Caroline “Someday she’ll be my wife, and we’ll live a happy life”, 10. Risin’ Sun Blues “Go tell my youngest brother Not to do the things I’ve done”, 11. Nine-Pound Hammer “How can I roll buddy, When the wheels won’t go”, 12. Worried Man Blues “The girl I love, she’s on that train and gone”


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