Setlist for 2016 to soon be over with

1. The Last Thing On My Mind “Underneath our feet, the subway’s rumblin’ Underground, underground”, 2. Four Strong Winds “Still I wish you’d change your mind If I asked you one more time”, 3. Roddy McCorley “For Antrim town! for Antrim town! He led them to the fray”, 4. Pack Up Your Sorrows “No one beside you, no one to hide you And nobody knows where you are”, 5. Sugar Babe “You don’t treat me like you used to do”, 6. Joe Hill “‘Takes more than guns to kill a man’ said Joe, ‘and I ain’t dead'”, 7. Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right “You just kinda wasted my precious time”, 8. Freight Train “Place the stones at my head and feet And tell them I’ve gone to sleep”, 9. Colours “Yellow is the colour of my true love’s hair”, 10. Changes “Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall, To brown and to yellow they fade”

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