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Haiku Duology, Help Us Bernie-Wan

March 29, 2016

“Queen Hillary needs – to concede and save us from – President Donald”

“He got the action – he got the motion, Oh, yeah – the Bernie can play”

Haiku Quartet, The Marriage Interview

March 28, 2016

“How many ways can – you say ‘I love you’ and still – sound like you mean it?”

“How annoying are – your parents and how do they – resolve their conflicts?”

“Will we have children, – will you change diapers, will – my debt be your debt?”

“Is our marriage for – life come what may or would you – consider divorce?”

Haiku Trilogy, RIP Hamzah “the Lion” Aljahmi

March 28, 2016

“There is no place in – a civilized world for sports – that cause brain damage”

“Violent sports like – fighting lure poor kids who just – want to not be poor”

“Climate change kills us – all at once; poverty kills – us one at a time”

Haiku, RIP Summer

March 28, 2016

“Inflatables should – never be in use during – windy conditions”

Postcard From Juarez

March 28, 2016

Happy Easter to Sweet Melinda, Saint Annie, Angel and the rest of the hungry women down on Rue Morgue Avenue

Haiku, Drink Your Way Through The Great Books

March 27, 2016

“No one finishes – Ulysses; no one even – reads Finnegans Wake”

Haiku Duology, The Star Wars Election

March 27, 2016

“He doesn’t like you – and the voters don’t like you – either; watch yourself”

“It’s our desperate – hour; help us Bernie-Wan – you’re our only hope”


Haiku, Homage To The Pointer Sisters

March 27, 2016

“Jump (In The Doorway) – Ruth, Anita and June should – be Nora’s aunties”

March 26 Birthdays

March 26, 2016
Happy birthday, Robert Frost (1874)
“I never dared be radical when young
For fear it would make me conservative when old”
Further Range, 1936, ‘Precaution’
Happy birthday Tennessee Williams (1911)
“Mendacity is a system that we live in. Liquor is one way out an’ death’s the other”
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1955, act 2

Haiku Quartet, Fascism, American Style

March 26, 2016

“Corporate power – hath wrought tremendous damage – on democracy”

“When the masses get – sick of being flimflammed they – embrace fascism”

“Real Republicans – abhor fascist dictators – but Trump will be one”

“By anointing Queen – Hillary the Democrats – abet fascism”