Haiku, Thrash Girls

July 31, 2014

“Shred those guitar strings – sweep pick those arpeggios – bang those whammy bars”

Haiku Duology

July 31, 2014

“Homage To Zoe Leonard “The President is – always a liar and thief – and never gets caught”; Homage To Jane Holzer “Allegiance pledged to – equal opportunity – and eating for all”

Haiku, Hump Day

July 30, 2014

“Wednesday is the peak – of the week; starting at noon – it’s a downhill pull”

Haiku Trilogy

July 30, 2014

Falling In Love “If you come up to – my kitchen I’ll bake my best – recipe for you”; Breaking Up “If you hold sand too – tightly in your hand it will – flow through your fingers”; Staying Together “No need to renew – wedding vows, just assemble – an Ikea bed”

Haiku, Joni Mitchell

July 30, 2014

“She never sells out – she always follows her muse – she road maps our souls”

Haiku, Hold Local Governments Accountable

July 29, 2014


“When bureaucrats screw – up they should fix it, not try – to cover it up”

Haiku, Suburbs Are A Slow Motion Ponzi Scheme

July 29, 2014


“Fueled by debt and growth – unsustainable suburbs – must prepare to die”

Haikus, Hold Waste Producers Accountable

July 27, 2014


“New York’s management – of waste is way dumber than – other great cities”; “Hebetudinous – waste management in New York – compared to Europe”

Haiku, Hold Francesco Accountable

July 27, 2014


“Captain Schettino’s – reckless sail by turned a cruise – ship into a hearse”

Haiku, Visual Art

July 27, 2014


“No one wants to hang – reproductions; they want the – original you”


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